Omega Unveils 11 New Watches to Celebrate the Seamaster’s 75th Anniversary

Key Points:

  • Omega has released 11 new watches to celebrate the Seamaster’s 75th anniversary.
  • The watches come with new twists making them special and unique.
  • Hodinkee authorized retailer of Omega watches and you can visit the Omega website for more on the new Seamasters.

Omega has been busy. As dreamy and exotic as Mykonos is, the luxury watch brand spent their time revealing new watches to commemorate the legendary Seamaster’s 75th anniversary, and there are 11 new watches, to boot! We already mentioned the watches, but we didn’t mention that Omega decided to add new twists to them. How cool is that?! So, they still look like the Seamesters we are used to, but now they have some added coolness and charm that only Omegas can provide. If you skipped reading all of the above, no worries! Check out the video above where we tell you about every piece of these new anniversary watches.

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Hodinkee got you covered as a verified Omega retailer. Don’t forget to check out Omega’s website to find out more about the new and revamped Seamasters.