Watch Spotting: Brad Pitt And Chris Paul Wearing The Vacheron Constantin 222 On Opposite Sides Of The Globe (On The Same Day)

  • Brad Pitt and Chris Paul spotted wearing the Vacheron Constantin 222 watch
  • The Vacheron Constantin 222 is a rare and highly sought-after timepiece
  • Both celebrities were seen wearing the watch in different locations

This weekend, two famous faces in different parts of the world were spotted wearing the highly coveted Vacheron Constantin 222 watch. Brad Pitt and Chris Paul both sported this rare timepiece, causing a stir among watch enthusiasts.


The Vacheron Constantin 222.

The Vacheron Constantin 222 is a relic of the ’70s, known for its integrated bracelet design and unique logo placement on the case. While the original vintage models have been highly sought-after by collectors, the brand recently released a yellow gold variation of the watch at Watches & Wonders 2022, which has been causing quite a buzz.

Brad Pitt was seen wearing the Vacheron Constantin 222 at the Silverstone Circuit, where he made a surprise appearance during the British Grand Prix. While known for his association with Breitling, Pitt opted for this eye-catching timepiece for his F1-related film project directed by Joseph Kosinski.

Brad Pitt

Image: courtesy of Getty

Meanwhile, Chris Paul was spotted wearing the Vacheron Constantin 222 in Las Vegas. The NBA star, who recently joined the Golden State Warriors, proudly showcased his new team jersey while sporting the exquisite timepiece. It seems that both Pitt and Paul have made the Vacheron Constantin 222 the watch of the summer.

Chris Paul and Jada Crawley

Image: courtesy of Getty

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a Vacheron Constantin 222, it could be the perfect accessory to elevate your summer style. Keep an eye out for these two style icons as they continue to showcase this coveted timepiece.

Lead image of Brad Pitt courtesy of Getty; lead image of Chris Paul courtesy of the Golden State Warriors Twitter account