Citizen’s New 37mm Promaster Divers Reviewed

Smaller, but is it Better?

The Citizen Promaster Is a Monster Dive Watch That Won’t Destroy Your Bank Account 

Citizen’s new Promaster 37mm Divers come as a surprise to many, promising a smaller but nonetheless sturdy and colorful version of their well-known dive watch. However, initial reports state that the smaller size doesn’t necessarily mean better, as the Promaster 37mm is merely different from its larger predecessor. In this review, watch enthusiast Danny Milton gives his thoughts, along with his wife Kasia, on their experience with the watch while giving emphasis to its benefits, from its sizing flexibility to the toolish charm and all the way to the summer vacation feels.

The Promaster 37mm: Key Features

  • 36.55mm x 11.6mm size, 18mm lug width
  • Stainless steel case, aluminum elapsed time bezel in blue, 4:30 date window, and crown
  • 200m water resistance
  • Eco-Drive E168 movement with hours, minutes, seconds, and date functionality
  • Power reserve six months
  • Closed caseback, Blue rubber strap
  • Price: $375

Size vs. Flexibility

The Promaster 37mm Diver collection features a smaller size than Citizen’s previous releases, which prompted Milton to question the idea of if a smaller diver is actually a better one. After examining the watch, he admits that the 37mm is instead different, but in a surprising way. The watch size is perfect for everyday use without having to feel like the watch wears down you, which Kasia also attested to. She was able to wear the watch with ease, unlike her previous Seiko SKX007 watch, which was relatively bigger yet didn’t allow her to wear it daily. Overall, the smaller size doesn’t have to mean limitations in terms of usage or appeal; the Promaster 37mm is proof that size sometimes doesn’t tell the whole story.

Color, Material, and Style

One of the standout features of the Promaster 37mm is its bright blue color, starting from the bezel and ending at the rubber strap. The blue color gives off the summer vacation vibe, which both Milton and Kasia appreciated. The rubber strap also makes the watch comfortable enough to wear throughout the day without worrying about sweat and humidity. The watch has a toolish charm, which adds to the design’s overall appeal. The markers are outlined in a reflective blue, providing a blue flash on the surrounds while maintaining a sense of coherent style.

Closing Thoughts

The Promaster 37mm Divers by Citizen is a standout for its sizing flexibility, vibrant color, and toolish charm. It provides the wearer with a comfortable yet stylish watch that can go well with summer looks and beyond. The Promaster 37mm proves that being different can be an excellent thing in a world where everything tends to look the same.

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