The Timex x Cara Barrett Edition V1 Watch: A Perfect Unisex Piece


  • Cara Barrett collaborated with Giorgio Galli at Timex to create The Timex x Cara Barrett Edition V1 watch, striking a balance between her vintage design knowledge and her horological joy.
  • It is versatile and perfect for both vintage aficionados and newbies, with a light baby blue dial that reflects Cara’s taste and is perfect for wearing in casual and formal spaces without sacrificing charm.
  • The watch has a Sea-gull TY6DSK-1(6103K-S) mechanical, hand-wound movement with a 40-hour power reserve and a stainless steel case at a 36mm diameter, making it a great entry-level watch for those starting on the collecting journey.

Unisex Design That Caters to Everyone

Cara Barrett is vocally against women being marketed to and represented in the watch industry in a certain way. Her collaboration with Timex resulted in a decidedly unisex case size, with no frivolities whatsoever. The watch stands out due to its vintage-inspired yet kit-free refinement underscoring its chicness in subtlety.

The sky blue dial is neutral and pleasant to look at, especially when paired with a black leather strap. The Perfect Fit Expansion Band is an added bonus, and the watch’s $249 entry-level-friendly price is great for anyone who doesn’t want to break the bank when venturing into the world of watch collecting.

The new watch is a perfect unisex piece that can attract potential collectors interested in quality watches for a reasonable price. It is now available at the Timex store or the Hodinkee Shop, allowing anyone to have their shot at owning a piece of this intricate collaboration between Cara Barrett and Timex.