Introducing: The Seiko Prospex SJE093 Limited Edition

  • The Seiko Prospex SJE093 is a limited edition watch re-creating the brand’s first dive watch, the 62MAS of 1965.
  • It features a smaller and thinner 38mm steel case, a sapphire crystal, and 200 meters of water resistance.
  • Powered by the brand new 6L37 movement, the SJE093 offers 45 hours of power reserve.

What We Know

Last week, Seiko announced the limited edition Seiko Prospex SJE093, a re-creation of the brand’s first dive watch, the 62MAS of 1965. With a smaller and thinner case than the SPB “20MAS” and a brand new movement, this watch aims to capture the essence of the original 62MAS.

seiko sje093

The Seiko Prospex SJE093, also known as “Seiko Prospex The 1965 Diver’s Re-Creation Limited Edition,” faithfully recreates the 62MAS with a 38mm steel case, sapphire crystal, solid steel case back, and 200 meters of water resistance. The limited edition watch is limited to 1,965 pieces and comes on a black tropic-style silicone strap.

seiko sje093

The dial of the SJE093 is grey and features a date window at three o’clock, luminous markers, and hands that closely match the original 62MAS. The text on the dial has also been aligned to follow the layout of Seiko’s first dive watch.

What We Think

While the Seiko Prospex SJE093 is undeniably a beautiful watch, it’s not entirely unique in the market. There have been previous re-creations of the 62MAS, such as the SLA017 of 2017 and the SPB-series divers. The SJE093, priced at $3,500, doesn’t have an 8-series movement like some of its predecessors, which has received mixed feedback from Seiko enthusiasts.

seiko sje093

However, the SJE093 has several appealing features, such as the smaller case size, dolphin case back, and attention to detail. The watch offers a thinner case and reasonable lug-to-lug length, making it one of the best-wearing 62MAS reissues. The choice between a higher-spec movement in a thicker case and the 6L37 in a thinner case depends on personal preferences.

While the $3,