The Mystery of the White-Gold Cartier Cheich

A Rare and Unknown Watch

• A one-of-a-kind white-gold Cartier Cheich from 2010 has been discovered and only a few people are aware of its existence.
• The original Cartier Cheich, which sold for over $1 million at auction, was created for the winner of the Cartier Challenge, a race inspired by the Paris-Dakar Rally.
• The white-gold Cheich was custom-made for Giorgio Seragnoli, a prominent Cartier collector known for his love of white metal watches.

The Story Behind the Cheich

According to The Watch Boutique, Cartier made the white-gold Cheich for Giorgio Seragnoli, who was one of the most important Cartier collectors in the world. Seragnoli’s passion for white-metal watches led him to create the book “Cartier Bianco” to document his collection.
• The white-gold Cheich is engraved with “No. 1,” suggesting it may be the only one of its kind, as Cartier is unlikely to recreate it.
• The Cheich’s unique design and expert craftsmanship make it highly sought after by collectors worldwide, despite its unconventional aesthetic.

A Reminder of Cartier’s Excellence

• While Cartier’s popularity has surged in recent years, the discovery of the white-gold Cheich reaffirms the brand’s ability to create both simple and avant-garde designs.
• The white-gold Cheich serves as a link to Cartier’s history and the world of esteemed collectors like Giorgio Seragnoli.
• The watch’s rarity and connection to a legendary collector make it a significant piece for any Cartier enthusiast.

In conclusion, the white-gold Cartier Cheich is a hidden gem in the world of luxury watches. Its uniqueness, connection to a renowned collector, and expert craftsmanship make it a valuable and fascinating timepiece. While Cartier’s popularity may have waned for some, the discovery of the Cheich reminds us of the brand’s enduring appeal and ability to captivate watch enthusiasts.